• So many things that happen here in Jersey make me wonder what on earth is going on. And like many of us I usually form judgements based on what appears in the local media. However, because I realise that the media is not the only source of information, or the most comprehensive or even reliable, just the most convenient, I decided I’d try and build a more detailed pictures about some of the activities in the States, and the island as a whole, that particularly annoy, bewilder, or generally just make me think “what the xxxx?”

    I don’t know how I’ll do, I have every good intention, and I actually feel like a bit of a sleuth, but really all I want is to be able understand things properly and if they’re wrong perhaps be able to do something about them, not just feel frustrated because I have formulated possibly wrong opinions based on inadequate information.

    Notwithstanding all of this I confess that my views may be born of ignorance,  but I doubt I’m the only one who is ignorant of a lot of how this place operates, and if by doing this I learn something, and share something, it will be worth it.

    I won’t sign my name, as it’s irrelevant – it can be found if you’re really interested but the point is I’m not speaking just for me, I’m just illustrating what seems to be worrying activities
    15/12/2011 St. Peter

    Ten years later…
    Haven’t achieved much other than getting beaches cleaned more thoroughly by stopping the practice of raking up seaweed then dumping IN THE SEA!?? I feel like I contributed to that.

    Now what to look at.. The environment is a worry, building and population – well we’re pretty fucked on that one, The Hospital? I’ll see what inspires the next post.
    25/08/21 St. Helier