Are we making progress with beach cleaning? States Sitting 26/6/12

5.10 Senator L.J. Farnham:

After the previous opportunity to question the Minister in the Assembly I asked if he knew how many beach-cleaning machines the department owned and how many were in service.  He undertook to let me have that information, to date he has not.  I just wondered if he had found out that information and if he has not could he please let me have it.

Deputy K.C. Lewis:

I believe we have 2 machines which are for beach cleaning, which is, at the moment, temporarily suspended.  We are in talks with colleagues at the Department of the Environment to get beach cleaning recommenced as soon as possible.

5.10.1 Senator L.J. Farnham:

Sir, may I ask a supplementary?  May I ask why beach-cleaning services are currently suspended?

Deputy K.C. Lewis:

From the direction of the Department of the Environment.

Senator L.J. Farnham:

I am sorry, Sir.  I wonder if the Minister could elucidate on that answer, there must be a reason.

Deputy K.C. Lewis:

At present seaweed is cleaned from the high watermark and it is deposited at the low watermark to be carried away by the sea from whence it came but the Department of the Environment think this is not eco-friendly and are researching other methods of disposing of it.  As we speak, my officers are in consultation with the Department to find a solution.