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Cleaning the Oceans – How to..

Marine Resource Consultation by States of Jersey

A marine resource consultation has been launched by The EDD and Environment. It isn’t exactly environmental so much as economic by the look of the initial description, but it may be a start. Read more here, or download the consultation document here, or the questionnaire here.

We’ll be digesting this, and adding our views shortly.

TTS Beach Cleaning

More to follow but heres the video – poor quality – just used my phone, but you get the idea.

Seaweed – Progress?

Our efforts are bearing fruit as the environment minister Deputy Rob Duhamel admits moving seaweed to the low water line is a “thankless” and “pointless” task. Options are being considered, one of which is to encourage businesses to utilise this resource more. watch this space…

JEP 18 July Seaweed disposal

Plemont Jersey Proposed Development

Planning application reference P/2011/1673

I have been thinking about this and feel very frustrated. Reading about the environment departments activities recently it seems that they seem to favour the “built environment” and are there mainly to facilitate the best exploitation of our very finite resources. Not a lot is obvious about the care for our natural environment and taking Plemont as an example – I wonder how much, if any, weight was given to the idea that the area could in fact be returned to nature for the benefit of all. The bias is definitely toward managing a spiralling  decline, with less and less resources until.. until what? Until there is no space left? Until we designate an area a National Park and then use that to justify development everywhere else?

Please say no to Plemont.

Please support the National Trust’s Efforts.

Proposal – V.1.0

My first attempt at proposals to improve the situation.

1. Better monitoring of beaches to identify rubbish hotspots and problem areas

2. Use community service as resource for manual beach cleaning

3. Provide clear, high visibility collection points for rubbish at beaches and beach access points – with recycling bins

4. Show Flotsam / Jetsam hotline numbers at beach access points

5. Ban glass from beaches

6. Cigarette pollution awareness campaign – don’t discard cigarette butts


Having a programme for the reduction in plastics washed up on our shores, and a genuine environmental programme to reduce plastics in our coastal marine environment and ecosystems would be very beneficial to jersey’s image as a tourist destination. Having well managed rubbish points with recycling at beaches would promote awareness and encourage better stewardship.

BBC Tropic of Cancer