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Marine Resource Consultation by States of Jersey

A marine resource consultation has been launched by The EDD and Environment. It isn’t exactly environmental so much as economic by the look of the initial description, but it may be a start. Read more here, or download the consultation document here, or the questionnaire here.

We’ll be digesting this, and adding our views shortly.

Electoral reform in Jersey

The current outbreak of electoral reform stems from the findings of the CLOTHIER REPORT.

The opening paragraph of the report is as follows:


On 2nd March 1999 the States of Jersey approved a proposition to appoint a body to undertake a review of all aspects of the Machinery of Government in Jersey with the following Terms of Reference:­
‘ to consider whether the present machinery of government in Jersey is appropriate to the task
of determining, co-ordinating, effecting and monitoring all States’ policies and the delivery
of all public services; including the composition, operation and effectiveness of the States’ Assembly; the composition, operation and effectiveness of the Committees of the States; the role and respective responsibilities of the States, the Committees and Departments in achieving an efficient and effective strategic and business planning and resource allocation process;

the role of the Bailiff;

the transparency, accountability and democratic responsiveness of the States’ Assembly

and Committees of the States;


whether the machinery of government is presently subject to checks and balances

sufficient to safeguard the public good and the rights of individuals;

but excluding ­
the constitutional relationship between the Bailiwick and the United Kingdom;
the constitutional relationship between the Bailiwick and the European Union;
and to make recommendations to the Policy and Resources Committee on how the present
machinery of government could be improved.’


Shame of the Bus Service

We’re almost having our own “spring” with yet another inappropriate situation coming to the public eye and yet another example of poor governance by the States perhaps being resolved.

I have always thought that multi-million pound subsidies for a private company to run a service sounded fishy, especially when there are bugger all buses half the time and when there are buses they are almost as expensive as driving anyway. Or perhaps I was wrong and just needed more facts. Continue reading →