Apart from absolutely everything being excessively expensive already, does the idea of mortgage holders being offered financial support sound utterly twisted to anyone else?

Given that for those paying rent, many of us have been hit by opportunistic landlords raising rents in the last twelve months by many times the cost of living just because they can? At the renewal of our own 12 month rolling lease our landlord offered us three months notice or a 3 year lease with a 25%, well to be fair a 24.260355029% increase. That, for great tenants who pay on time, and have cared for the property for the past eight years. Now to be completely fair, our rent was actually pretty reasonable, and the landlord is investing in the house so we have a new kitchen (woo) and the exterior has been redecorated but the fact we’re paying for it with our £410 a month rent increase does leave a bitter taste.


I need to lie down. More when my brain is rested..