The subject of toxins buried at La Collette and nitrogen runoff exceeding limits probably won’t surprise many, especially when St. Aubin’s bay at low tide looks as green as a new parish of fields, but there is a third problem and it is their common denominator; the lack of responsibility or even a narrative from the Government indicating that they take these issues seriously. But more of that later. This second mound – the first being that next to the Energy from Waste plant*, has been growing for years, nobody talks about it and Planning and IHE have not felt the need to discuss it. Until now.

For a long time, since before it was created even, it has been apparent that the mound was going to contain “cells” of different toxic waste, in layers, and that it would grow to a considerable height over time. It is also acknowledged that plans exist for other mounds to be constructed at other locations around the reclamation site. And they’re not small. They may look small from where you see them, or compared to the giant eyesore that is the energy from waste plant, but go and walk up the mound at Havres des pas and you’ll see just how big it is. Furthermore it must have been concluded by IHE that planning permission for their landscape designed toxic waste dump didn’t need to be brought to the attention of the Planning department, as it seems that dumping and burying stuff without challenge was too obvious to discuss. Even when trying to talk with them about the site and it’s future, enquiries are met with blank faces and vague non-comital tones.

Next time: “Welcome to Jersey – Please enter via the toxic waste dump”