• Endless Development?

    Unless Jersey continues to reclaim land and eventually becomes a sort of ever growing doughnut shaped atoll one far off day we will probably have to […]

    Seaweed – Progress?

    Our efforts are bearing fruit as the environment minister Deputy Rob Duhamel admits moving seaweed to the low water line is a “thankless” and “pointless” […]

    Proposal – V.1.0

    My first attempt at proposals to improve the situation. 1. Better monitoring of beaches to identify rubbish hotspots and problem areas 2. Use community service […]

    MCS Survey Results

    MCS Beachwatch Big Weekend 2011 reveals plastic-wrapped threat to beach cleanliness An interesting and pertinent item in the Marine Conservation Society’s annual survey results for 2011 which […]

    Good News

    You may have noticed a lot of Nivea bottles washed up on the beaches this winter which turn out to be from a container lost […]

    Dog mess

    Another problem we are experiencing is the problem of thoughtless dog owners letting their dogs mess on footpaths and beaches. And they can do it […]

    February – A Summary

    I’ve been trying to identify those parties that have direct responsibility for the stewardship of our coastal environment and glean from them an accurate picture […]