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TTS Tel Number to collect Rubbish

+44 1534 44 83 84

Call TTS if you see large, worrying, or dangerous rubbish on the beaches.

TTS Beach Cleaning

More to follow but heres the video – poor quality – just used my phone, but you get the idea.

Endless Development?

Unless Jersey continues to reclaim land and eventually becomes a sort of ever growing doughnut shaped atoll one far off day we will probably have to stop developing on new ground. About 10 years ago is when I’d have liked this to happen (or twenty even) but realistically I doubt if there’s really an end in sight. Continue reading →

Seaweed – Progress?

Our efforts are bearing fruit as the environment minister Deputy Rob Duhamel admits moving seaweed to the low water line is a “thankless” and “pointless” task. Options are being considered, one of which is to encourage businesses to utilise this resource more. watch this space…

JEP 18 July Seaweed disposal

Proposal – V.1.0

My first attempt at proposals to improve the situation.

1. Better monitoring of beaches to identify rubbish hotspots and problem areas

2. Use community service as resource for manual beach cleaning

3. Provide clear, high visibility collection points for rubbish at beaches and beach access points – with recycling bins

4. Show Flotsam / Jetsam hotline numbers at beach access points

5. Ban glass from beaches

6. Cigarette pollution awareness campaign – don’t discard cigarette butts


Having a programme for the reduction in plastics washed up on our shores, and a genuine environmental programme to reduce plastics in our coastal marine environment and ecosystems would be very beneficial to jersey’s image as a tourist destination. Having well managed rubbish points with recycling at beaches would promote awareness and encourage better stewardship.

MCS Survey Results

MCS Beachwatch Big Weekend 2011 reveals plastic-wrapped threat to beach cleanliness

An interesting and pertinent item in the Marine Conservation Society’s annual survey results for 2011 which have just been released shows an 11% rise in the number of dog poo bags left on beaches. Its a common sight here too, dog owners picking up after their dogs, only to leave the full bags on the beach. These are then a greater health hazard to wildlife than dog waste  alone.

More info here at the MCS website

Good News

You may have noticed a lot of Nivea bottles washed up on the beaches this winter which turn out to be from a container lost about a year ago. they came to the attention of Martin Dorey in Cornwall who contacted Nivea about it which you can read about here: I got in touch with Martin to compare notes and today received this: Continue reading →

Dog mess

Another problem we are experiencing is the problem of thoughtless dog owners letting their dogs mess on footpaths and beaches. And they can do it with impunity as, according to the JEP, no one has been charged with this for over three years. This is another issue that affects our image as a tourist destination, year round, and again we need something to be done. And Yes, again, I will state, not more laws, because as seen with ever lower and frustrating speed limits, penalising everyone doesn’t stop the offenders. So, how do we catch the offenders – answers on a postcard please! (not really, comment on here) but my first thought is that apart from the fact that the maximum fine is a healthy £500 and the island is broke at the moment, a few hours community service cleaning it up wouldn’t go amiss.

I don’t think we need a photo gallery for this subject.

February – A Summary

I’ve been trying to identify those parties that have direct responsibility for the stewardship of our coastal environment and glean from them an accurate picture of what is done to remove rubbish from our beaches. I have spoken to TTS at length, received a couple of emails from the Department of the Environment and Tourism and spoken to a respected marine ecologist and environmentalist. Continue reading →

Beach Cleaning Machines

TTS uses the Industry leading Barber beach cleaning machines to collect seaweed from the beaches in the summer, which is then deposited at the low water line. This video is demonstrating the rubbish collection abilities of these machines.