• Good News

    You may have noticed a lot of Nivea bottles washed up on the beaches this winter which turn out to be from a container lost […]


    My problem with encouraging development at Plemont is the road network both there and all the way to town. It used to be that traffic […]

    Pick a Frustrating Subject

    Hello and Welcome, To see everything on a particular subject just select a category from the menu on the right. For why I’m doing this […]

    Dog mess

    Another problem we are experiencing is the problem of thoughtless dog owners letting their dogs mess on footpaths and beaches. And they can do it […]

    February – A Summary

    I’ve been trying to identify those parties that have direct responsibility for the stewardship of our coastal environment and glean from them an accurate picture […]

    Beach Cleaning Machines

    TTS uses the Industry leading Barber beach cleaning machines to collect seaweed from the beaches in the summer, which is then deposited at the low […]

    Small Plastics

    Someone quite rightly observed that much of what we have shown here so far looks like it was washed up after storms. So these are […]

    Tourism Priority List

    Tourism decides which beaches are cleaned the most based upon their tourist popularity: Update from TTS: In the summer season TTS endeavour to provide the […]