We originally described generally what TTS do but are now able to provide more detail:

“The priority beaches are cleared of litter by our surf rake machine daily, (dependant on the tides) it visits the beaches alternatively (for example; Monday/Wednesday/Friday the West and Tuesday /Thursday the East, alternating the following week).

We also have crews who also visit and remove litter/debris and empty bins.

The Summer Schedule, commences mid April/May and continues till September / October depending on the weather.

The Winter Schedule the service is reduced and only involves removal of litter/debris as when required.

The removal of large deposits of seaweed is carried out by a contractor.

Various trials were carried out in 2000 season which conclude that the most practical and effective method was to gather up the seaweed after it had been deposited on the beach, after the tide had receded. Currently the collected seaweed is then taken down to the low tide mark for deposal, due to environmental restrictions of depositing it on the land.”